How to Make Authentic Baja Californian Fish Tacos

Here's our recipe for this Baja Californian classic. This version comes from my sister-in-law from San Felipe and demonstrated by Norma.

Serves two adults, multiply as appropriate!

cabbage 100g
cucumber half
mild mustard 1 x dessert spoonful
mayonnaise 3 x dessert spoonfuls
avocado 1
lemons/limes 1
onion 1 x dessert spoonful
tomato 1 small
cilantro (coriander)
fish (we used corvina, casson is also popular here) 500g
beer 300ml
vegetable oil 200ml
flour tortillas x 6


First of all you need to prepare the garnishes, so....
Chop up the raw cabbage and place in a bowl
Chop up the cucumber
Mix together the mustard and mayonnaise to form a paste.


For the guacamole chop up the avocado and mix with lemon/lime juice, salt and the chopped onion.


Salsa Bandera is made from chopped tomato and onion with cilantro (coriander). The name, incidentally, means "flag sauce", so called because the three ingredients represent the red, white and green of the Mexican tricolour. Now slice the fish into strips.


To make the batter you mix flour with mustard and salt and pepper and add the all important ingredient: beer. This makes the batter crispy. Use almost all of a small can of lager. Not too much though, this is a family friendly recipe!


Next heat the oil. While that's happening you can soak the fish in your batter. When the oil is hot start adding your dipped fish strips.


Fry the fish until it is golden. Don't forget to heat up your tortillas!


To make a taco, spread the mustard and mayonnaise mix across the middle of a warmed tortilla, then add guacamole and fish.


Now sprinkle raw cabbage, salsa bandera and any lemon/lime juice and hot sauces you may want to add.